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Plan a Field Trip
Engage the senses, bring curriculum concepts to life, and inspire new questions during a field trip to The Field Museum! Check out our Field Trip Programs, including registration information, planning resources, and related student programs.

Bring Collections to Your Classroom
The N. W. Harris Learning Collection at The Field Museum offers more than 1,500 treasures for educators and parents to borrow. Use the materials from our Learning Collection to engage learners in scientific practices, develop critical thinking skills, and pique curiosity about Earth’s natural and cultural diversity. Check out these exciting resources connected to Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair:

  • World Percussion Experience Box: Play drums, gongs, sticks, and other percussion instruments like those used by cultures featured at the World’s Fair.
  • Northwest Coast Exhibit Case: Explore the culture and traditions of Northwest Coast peoples—some of whom lived in reconstructed villages at the Fair.